Stake your LP to earn additional CHUPA

The launch of the Breeding House marks a significant milestone for ChupaFi V1, acting as the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to create a rewarding decentralized application (dApp) dedicated to our community. Its primary aim is to cultivate trust between the team and the community.

The rewards generated from the Breeding House offer substantial profitability, albeit for a limited period, set to end after one year. Those who were early adopters and community members, who showed steadfast trust in the team during the volatile V1 phase and community curation, have reaped significant benefits.

As a community-driven ecosystem, members have the opportunity to shape the course and destiny of the Breeding House. They can do this by creating proposals and participating in democratic voting processes. This represents a mutual commitment to mold and refines the dApp in line with the collective vision of the community.

The Breeding House stands as a symbol of trust, cooperation, and opportunity. It provides the community with a platform to actively participate, contribute, and steer the development of this transformative initiative.

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