Liquidity Unlock

The liquidity that is set aside will be distributed across four distinct categories to ensure its effective use. Let's explore each category in detail:

  1. Loan Repayment: Initially, a total of 4,000,000 XDC was borrowed to provide the necessary liquidity, with a commitment to repay 5,200,000 XDC after the six-month lock-up period. This repayment includes a 30% interest payment.

  2. $CHUPY Liquidity: The $CHUPY token will be paired with $CHUPA at the Initial DEX Offering (IDO). The $CHUPA tokens extracted from the CHUPA/XDC pair will be used to establish the CHUPA/CHUPY pair, while the remaining $CHUPA tokens will be burned (as described in point 4 below). We may consider conducting a community vote to decide whether to burn half of the remaining $CHUPA tokens and allocate the other half to the Breeding House.

  3. Over-The-Counter (OTC) Buy Back: We highly appreciate early participants. For those looking to exit the Chupacabra Finance Life Cycle, we are prepared to offer OTC buybacks at spot price for sell orders amounting to $5,000 USD and above. To participate in the OTC buyback process, participants are required to send their CHUPA tokens to a specified address (0xd5AD0DF7eD19989873E10461069B9f3c7521d1f5) after communicating with the team ( and accepting the OTC offer. Please be cautious to avoid scams by not using any other wallet address. OTC Sale Fee: $5,000- 1.5%, $10,000- 2.5%, $15,000- 4%, $20,000- 5% (Similar to price impacts noted on XSPSwap at the time of writing) IMPORTANT: DO NOT send $CHUPA tokens to the aforementioned address until the OTC offer has been accepted, and there is email confirmation validating the agreed-upon OTC deal ( CHUPA tokens sent prematurely will be burned. Please be vigilant and refrain from using any other wallet address to avoid falling victim to scammers.

  4. Burns: The $CHUPA tokens that are not used as liquidity for $CHUPY will be burned. Additionally, the CHUPA tokens sold during the OTC Buy Back process will also be burned. We anticipate a significant burn from approximately 1/5 up to 1/3 of the total $CHUPA supply, contributing to increased scarcity and potential value appreciation.

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