Chupacabra Finance is dedicated to building a robust network infrastructure with 10 Standby Master Nodes. This will enable ChupyNFT holders and stakers to exclusively receive 100% of the rewards generated. These Standby Nodes offer an impressive 8% Annual Percentage Yield (APY), translating into a significant annual earning of 800,000 XDC.

The combined power of all 10 Nodes will yield an impressive 8,000,000 XDC per year. These rewards will be distributed proportionally based on the rarity and level of the ChupyNFTs held by participants, ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of rewards within the ChupyNFT community.

To manage the nodes effectively, we have formed a partnership with Indsoft, a reputable Node Management Provider that accepts cryptocurrency-stable coins as payment. With a current monthly expense of $85, these operational costs will be responsibly covered by the $CHUPA and $CHUPY Ecosystem Development Wallets.

In our commitment to maintaining the highest level of transparency, all payments and expenditures will be meticulously recorded on the blockchain. This allows the community to easily track and verify the allocation of funds. The establishment of dedicated Ecosystem Development Wallets further reinforces our commitment to transparent and accountable governance, empowering the community to actively participate in overseeing the financial activities of the project.

In alignment with the fundamental principles of anonymity inherent to the Chupacabra Finance Team and the impending community governance, we've strategically decided to establish multi-signature wallets. This advanced security measure involves the collaboration of our esteemed Security Management and Technology Partners, GoPlugin, and Prime Numbers. The management of the wallet containing XDC for the NODES will necessitate two signatures, specifically those of Plugin, Prime Numbers, and ChupaDAO. This careful arrangement ensures that no single entity possesses the power to carry out harmful actions by resigning the Nodes and draining the wallet.

By adopting this multi-signature strategy, we ensure both the safety and transparency of the community's interests. The collective participation of these trusted entities instills confidence that the operations of the Nodes and the management of associated funds are protected against any potential threats.

The Chupacabra Finance Ecosystem remains steadfast in its commitment to flourish throughout the entire lifespan of the XDC NETWORK Standby Nodes. With the implementation of robust security measures and the vigilant management of the multi-signature wallets, the long-term prosperity and sustainability of the ecosystem are guaranteed.

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