What is Chupacabra Finance

Introducing Chupacabra Finance (DAO)

Introducing Chupacabra Finance (DAO)- the forefront of DeFi, masterfully engineered to empower the cryptocurrency community. We bring forth constant streams of passive income opportunities, all reinforced by community-driven funding and evolution. Seize the future with Chupacabra Finance - your path to financial autonomy in the crypto world.

Chupacabra Finance is a pioneering Decentralized Finance (DeFi) solution, custom-built to stimulate growth and financial prosperity within the cryptocurrency community. Our primary mission is to strengthen and broaden the scope of Decentralized Finance within the XDC Network, while actively pursuing collaborations with other leading networks.

In a bid to uphold a transparent and democratic governance structure, the Chupacabra Finance Foundation has planned a community-wide election on May 1, 2024, to select five esteemed Governance Members. This date was strategically chosen to coincide with the unpredictable date of BTC Halving, thereby aligning our governance event with the pulse of the cryptocurrency industry. Going forward, these Governance Member Voting Events will occur every four years, mirroring the BTC Halving cycle, on May 1.

The current Governance Committee has been carefully selected based on a set of criteria, including an unwavering commitment to XDC Ecosystem Development, active participation within the network, community endorsement, and overall contribution to the network's growth. The committee holds the crucial role of leading the successful establishment of Chupacabra Finance.

In order to ensure maximum privacy and security, our team's identity will remain undisclosed until the BTC Halving event in 2024. Following this, the newly elected DAO Governance Foundation will meet in Dubai* for a significant "Passing of the Keys" event. This arrangement not only guarantees a robust governance framework but also sets guidelines and safeguards for the long-term prosperity of the Chupacabra Community.

*Please note that the chosen location is subject to change, depending on the prevailing market conditions. We kindly ask the newly elected Governance Committee to respect the importance of team anonymity and maintain confidentiality.*

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