In an effort to make $CHUPY Farming accessible to all, we have dissolved CHUPA NFT and will created a Breeding Farm on

Introducing CHUPA NFT, a crucial element for staking your (CHUPA/XDC) LP tokens and earning attractive $CHUPY token rewards.

Price: 2500 $XDC - Maximum Supply: 5000 - Rarity: Uniform

The $CHUPY token acts as the exclusive reward system for those who provide CHUPA/XDC Liquidity. By staking your LP tokens within the CHUPA NFT, you unlock the potential to accumulate $CHUPY tokens.

It's crucial to understand that the rewards earned through the CHUPA NFT need to be claimed and then withdrawn into your personal wallet to utilize their value.

In a pledge to inclusivity, a snapshot will be taken on 5/23/2023, and all LP participants at the time of the snapshot will be eligible to receive FREE CHUPA NFTs, irrespective of their level of LP participation.

LP participants holding approximately ~100k XDC or more at the time of the reward snapshot will receive an estimated value of ~$500 USD worth of CHUPY tokens, showcasing our commitment to rewarding significant contributions.

As part of our continuous rewards program, a total of 12,237 $CHUPY tokens will be distributed weekly, totaling 636,363 tokens per year, for 11 years. (7,000,000 total $CHUPY Rewards)

Participation in the CHUPA NFT ecosystem is simple. Just stake your (CHUPA/XDC) LP tokens within the CHUPA NFT to start earning $CHUPY tokens within the NFT. These rewards can be claimed at any time, with no lock-up period or withdrawal tax applied.

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