How it all started

Chupacabra Finance was born from the visionary ideas of dedicated community members, driven by a desire to make a significant impact and contribute meaningfully to the community. Our mission is to deliver a transformative experience under the #WeAreXDC banner.

$CHUPA is the leading MEME COIN within the XDC Ecosystem, uniquely designed with utility. Unlike its peers, Chupacabra Finance launched with a unique "Silent" FAIR LAUNCH on a decentralized exchange (DEX), without any private or presale capital investment. This strategy allowed us to begin our development efforts from scratch.

In another first, $CHUPA was the inaugural project to introduce substantial liquidity to the XDC DEXs through Proper DEX Liquidity. The successful launch of Chupacabra Finance was marked by the highest level of "project-provided" liquidity ever seen in the XDC ecosystem. Prioritizing community security, $CHUPA was the first to implement LOCKed DEX Liquidity, instilling trust and confidence among our community members. This step demonstrates our unwavering commitment to creating a secure environment for participants.

Further emphasizing our commitment to community engagement, $CHUPA was proud to be the first project to introduce Liquidity Pool staking. This innovative move allows community members to actively participate in the growth and success of the ChupaFi ecosystem, enabling them to contribute directly to its progress.

As we move forward, Chupacabra Finance continues to lead the XDC Ecosystem, constantly pushing boundaries and introducing novel offerings. With a relentless focus on pioneering new first-time experiences, we are committed to leading the charge in shaping the future of the XDC ecosystem.

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