Life Cycle of Chupacabra Finance

The V1 Lifecycle of Chupacabra Finance primarily focuses on the strategic staking of $CHUPY tokens within ChupyNFTs, which act as a conduit for earning XDC rewards. Participants interested in holding $CHUPY have three options:

  1. Procure $CHUPY tokens during the Presale phase.

  2. Exchange $CHUPA tokens for $CHUPY tokens on the decentralized exchange (DEX) once the presale allocation is fully subscribed.

  3. Stake CHUPA/XDC LP tokens within a CHUPA NFT to actively accumulate $CHUPY tokens.

For the first six months, we've established an appealing liquidity mechanism, allowing participants to buy and sell $CHUPA tokens with minimal slippage. After this liquidity lock period ends, we'll conduct a thorough review of the community-provided liquidity. Based on this evaluation, we'll decide on the portion of liquidity to be locked for an extended period of 100 years.

As detailed in the lifecycle above, participants are required to provide liquidity (LP) to earn $CHUPY tokens if they aim to stake and subsequently earn $XDC rewards. This strategy promotes the growth and expansion of the CHUPA/XDC LP pools, encouraging active community participation and involvement. Ultimately, it all circles back to owning $CHUPA.

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